TOBI : Must watch movie in May 2012

Emmanuel Ijeh makes a splendid debut into the movie world with the production of his first movie “TOBI”. It was premiered at the Tribeca cinemas in the USA last year and has done very well, with some veterans in the cinematic field of play, showering encomium on him. Face it, it’s not easy to produce a good quality movie at first attempt and be recognized for doing such. Tobi unveils a mixed cast of Nigerians, Americans, Hispanic ; Chet Anekwe (Phat Girlz, 30 days, Unwanted Guest), Mark Lavan Williams, Jimmy Allen, Chisom Oz lee, Arturo Castro, Patrick Dean, Elizabeth Ness.

The movie centres around the life of twenty- one year old Tobi Akinola (Mark Lavan Williams) who deviates from the upright path his parents (Chet and Chisom) once guided him along and yields to the tempting antics of the dark side, giving into gangsterism, drugs, nefarious activities… and then a grave mistake which occurs on the streets, threatens his very existence. His brother (Jimmy Allen) a handsome, outstanding lawyer, is torn between loyalty to his dream firm “Lourdes & Myers” he has now been employed in and defending his brother on the other hand, in a case where Tobi’s life hangs in a balance. He must take a stand that would shake the proceedings to its very roots…..

The movie boasts of the deployment of first class legal battle antics, beautifully woven into the court room scenes by Emmanuel (we haven’t seen such since the days of Matlock on TV, especially from Nigerian scriptwriters/filmmakers), romance, outstanding production incorporating good storylines, twisty plot (you’ll like it), lovely cinematography, non-sloppy editing, powerful sound with its effects cued in at the right time, lighting principle adhered to, a good cast playing their roles with dexterity. It’s a thought provoking, socially/morally transforming, intellectually stimulating, visually opulent, captivating and interesting movie. The premiere of Tobi initially slated for April 13th 2012, has now been scheduled to hit the big screens on May 19th 2012 in Nigeria.

How far would you go to save your brother…

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3 Responses to TOBI : Must watch movie in May 2012

  1. Tina says:

    Pls i want to know the venue and time of the premier and also feature in your next movie

    • Tobi will now be premiered at Ozone cinemas, Yaba on May 18th, not 19th due to a slight change. Red Carpet starts at 5pm, you’ll be allowed to buy tickets on that day to watch the movie. Emmanuel Ijeh is the producer of the movie and you can get in contact with him via Face book.

      Kind Regards

  2. box office says:

    Wow, got your page from my twitter friend. Nice info, thank you

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