In Sammie’s Boot : Seeks to be the First Children’s Movie in Nollywood on Celluloid!

Many might not know the Benue state born film producer, Olivia Adom, but this visionary is clearly defining a path which has been undermined for a very long time, “children on the set of make belief (film)”. Her passion to see children and teenagers clinching and interpreting roles meant for kids in Nigerian movies spurs her on. We are aware that the use of Akin (Chinedu Ikedieze) and Paw Paw (Osita Iheme), little men in Children’s skin, saddled with the responsibility of playing both kiddies and matured roles, highly influences the way children perceive people and the society.

Olivia seeks to bring children “in the real sense of the word” to interpret roles meant for them. Her platform Kiddet Playhouse serves as an avenue where their talents can be effectively harnessed. She is also bent on providing a friendly movie for kids that would train and mentor them in the process. She obtained a certificate empowering her to be a ‘child acting coach’ from Michael Bean studios in Canada.

The movie “In Sammie’s Boot” will have 70% of the cast as kids. Her budget for the movie initially pegged at N37 Million, has become insufficient, especially with her desire to have the movie now on the Celluloid format (35MM), in order to meet the Cinema standard. She’s spreading her tentacles to Corporate bodies to sponsor the movie which is ‘football themed’. The movie will be produced with ‘voice over’ in Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo so as to promote the Nigerian culture in a positive light. The movie will also feature a post-testimonial match in honour of late Sam Okwaraji and is expected to have the support of the “Glass House” and the Nigerian premiere league. Let’s keep our fingers crossed… shall we?


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9 Responses to In Sammie’s Boot : Seeks to be the First Children’s Movie in Nollywood on Celluloid!

  1. VillageBoi says:

    This quote is funny “…especially with her desire to have the movie now on the Celluloid format (35MM), in order to meet the Cinema standard.”

    I don’t know who said it but the person simply does not have the slightest idea of what he/she is talking about. It is a very bad case of wanting to sound wise!

  2. Akosim says:

    Pls am a girl of 14yrs pls is there a role for me in sammie’s boot

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