Spirit of the Assassin;The Talisman (movie): Could we have found Nigeria’s Angelina Jolie?

Spirit of the Assassin; The Talisman, no doubt fits within the action genre. Whether the directors were able to pull off stunts synonymous with such genre remains to be seen. The synopsis about the movie appears to be rather hazy with little information about the movie left to be decoded. It unveils an assassin back in the days, who though died, his spiirt still lingered on. A couple of modern day assassins where also on the loose, including a female assassin most likely possessed by the spirit of the assassin, we recokn. Assassinations via fussilade of bullets from trigger happy assassins,sniper shots, karate, and even a trailer defys the customary poor traditional spfx in invoking road crashes.

The movie was directed by the duo of Andy Boyo and KK. It stars Frederick Leonard, Yemi Blaq, Zack Orji, Constance Okoro, Faith Stephen, Andy Boyo, Emeka Ani, Hakeem Rahman, and Peter Armand Boyo. It is a joint collaboration between Diamond Pictures/Loud Thunder production.

We hope this is does not in any way, tow the path of one of the sequels of American Ninja, where a lady was possessed by the spirit of the ninja before he (the ninja died) and then she walked in his murderous ways… OOPS!… did we just say that?…well let’s wait for its release…shall we?

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7 Responses to Spirit of the Assassin;The Talisman (movie): Could we have found Nigeria’s Angelina Jolie?

  1. want to be a movie star..i need a help…add me on facebuk don-c ebuka

  2. Bom-Boi says:

    You and this your mouth sef. Have you even seen the trailer? Then you’d know what a useless badly shot, badly acted piece of complete garbage this film is. Common drama Naija never fit do yet idiots want to shoot action films. Naija Angelina Jolie ko, Jolie ni.

    • Magic says:

      @Bom-Boi, am sure you’ve not seen this movie, cos if u’ve done u won’t say this. I saw this movie here in south africa and in my opinion, it’s one of the best movie coming out of nigeria. As a matter of fact it a right move towards right direction. Lets encourage our naija movie makers instead of blind criticism.

  3. Chiwala says:

    I just stumbled onto this website. I was opportune to watch Spirit of the Assassin last week in Lusaka Zambia. It appears that Nollywood films are now being exhibited in both cinemas in town. I was fascinated by the special effects explosions and also the stunts by the female assassin. Indeed she acted her part in consonance with the actions of Angelina Jolie in Hollywood Films. We might have found the Angelina Jolie of Nollywood.. I applaud the effort in thet film to bring up the standards to near Hollywood. Not quite there yet, but far better than what I have been watching in our African films. I give it my thumbs up.

  4. kola says:

    I watched the movie “Spirit of the Assassin” in Cape Town and my- o- my, that girl Constance Okoro is definitely my Angelina Jolie. I never watch any of her movies before but the way she did the flip jump and killed all those policemen after her, for her get away after assassinating the politician is my best scene. I also like the earlier scene where a possessed man who was bullet proof but was later got his head blown up by Yemi Blaq. This movie seem to attempt to explain some unsolved assassinations in Nigeria and even in America and may the world over. I love action movies. This movie made me proud to be a 9ja. Nollywood is striving to compete with Hollywood. That’s quite a feat.

  5. Alfred says:

    please does anyone know how and where can i watch this movie or buy it, even if it is online. i live in Lagos, Nigeria. Thanks.

  6. edu charles says:

    after location I never one day see the film

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