Kabura Zakama : Out with “The Man Lived”

Kabura Zakama has released his poetry book on the rave of the moment, e-format (Kindle). It was published by kairos Productions on April 24, 2013 with a file size of 214kb and is available on amazon.com. The Man lived is a collection of poems, which is divided into four parts, each unveiling topical issues such as relationships, places, animals and politics.

What are you waiting for?, Get it right away…

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9aijabooksandmovies ( "9B&M") is the ultimate, credible platform that seeks to bridge the gap between Nigerian authors of fictional works and "primarily" Nigerian filmmakers, with a view to creating an upsurge in "adapted works" for the cinemas. It also provides an opportunity for millions of people to gain insight into the works of Nigerian authors and filmmakers. You can send your articles, news,views/opinion, reviews,samples of work to 9aijabooksandmovies@gmail.com.
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