My Life My Damage : Seriously?

Review by Augusta Okon

Movie Title : My Life, My Damage
Cast: Tonto Dikeh, Bukky Wright, Bobby Obodo, H-Thomas Altman
Director: Moses Iwang
Genre: Drama

We all have dreams… dreams that with time will metamorphose into reality and put smiles on our faces. Yetunde Dora Williams (Tonto Dikeh of Pleasure and Crime) is no exception to this ideology and relishes the idea about being a medical doctor and of course adopts the ‘help’ stance that comes along with the profession. She gains admission into a university in the USA to study her dream profession and by the side, works in a home. She meets Jason (H.Thomas Altman of Emma’s revenge, Not quite lyin’ eyes) and her dream suddenly veers of course and takes a plunge into the sea of drugs. Deeper and deeper she sinks, with a carefree attitude, drug addiction, which sets the stage for something terrible that would make her miss her mom’s funeral and alter her life forever…

There’s really not much to say about this movie, because there’s hardly any substance therein. The 55mins flick, the first Sequel in the Damage trilogy produced by actress, Uche Jombo Rodriguez cuts to the chase straight up, sort of the numeric 123…bam! and it’s all over kind of thing. Besides the commendable picture quality, the movie struggles to breathe, gasping from the choky effects of blandness, visually unstimulating scenes, a staccato flash back and an unpunchy storyline that makes you grateful when the closing credits roll.

Rating : 2

Rating Guide :
5 : Classic
4: Very good
3 : Good
2: Fair
1: An Apology

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