Alan Pozer : Hilarious? Excuse me!

Review by Augusta Okon

alan pozer
Movie Title : Alan Pozer
Cast: O.C. Ukeje, Beverly Naya, Belinda Effah, Okey Uzoeshi
Director: Charles Novia
Genre: Romance/comedy

Your ears tingle on hearing these lines “The name’s Poza…Alan Pozer” and then you say to yourself…gosh! It’s a simulacrum of Ian Flemming’s famous brand “James Bond 007”, I’m in for loads of cheap, uncreative braggadash!… and you’re right about that!. Alan (O.C Ukeje of The Awakening, Confusion Na Wa) is a young executive in a music label company, who is totally confident of taking over an available exalted position in the company. His Achilles heel… ‘the daughters of Eve’, constantly swarm around him, like bees attracted to nectar.

He basks in the euphoria of conquered hearts one too many. His looks, charms, swooning lines have the females falling for him … he’s the player…he knows it, and any female who thinks he loves her or wants a serious relationship should think again!. It’s all a game to him and he remains the last man standing. He encourages his friend and colleague kokori (Okey Uzoeshi) to tow the same path, and the latter eagerly has ‘a go’ on a nut he initially finds hard to crack. In comes the new head much to Alan’s disappointment, played by Beverly Nayah. He schemes to win her heart in order to achieve his goal, but she on the other hand having heard about his sexual escapades gives him the cold shoulder. However, certain events arise which cumulate into something Alan never bargained for…

Alan Pozer, is indubitably a far cry from the original hyped genre of romantic/comedy the producer happily slammed on it. Scenes that were meant to be comical in nature were as dry as Olumo rock, with occasional one liners making you laugh half heartedly. There was nothing exceptional, creative, about the movie which makes me wonder if Charles Novia aka the tink tank, has run dry of ideas. It was just a regular movie that made up the numbers of new mediocre releases this year, surprisingly for a movie which he claims took his blood, sweat and tears to make. The derogatory assertions be-littling the female folk portrayed typically the script writers attitudinal stance and perception about this special gift to men.

The competition for the production of good movies worthy of theatrical release and success at the box office in this epoch is keen, a paradigm shift from the time of the charlatans when the director dominated the scene, especially with his acclaimed movie Missing Angel. Alan Pozer staggers out of the starting block and finds its running rhythm for some time, before Charles Novia playing the role of the Pastor brilliantly gives a lack lustre performance with his bland, unappealing interpretation of the role that instantly de-accelerates the running pace. Thank God for the few talents especially O.C, who hears the distress call and manages to redeem the movie from its failing stance. There was nothing new to offer, no narrative thrust.

Apart from the appreciable cinematography, editing, screenplay, and O.C Ukeje’s commendable performance (although he shone better in The Awakening and Confusion Na Wa)… when compared to movies such as Rita Dominic’s (The Meeting), Yvonne Okoro’s (The Contract), Samaila vangawa’s (Twin Sword), Funke Daramola/Toka Mcbaror’s (The Cobweb)… Alan Poza is simply… Sour grapes!.

Rating : 2
Rating Guide :
5 : Classic
4: Very Good
3 : Good
2: Fair
1: An Apology

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