It’s Hlomla Dandala in The Contract!

Review by Augusta Okon

yvonne, poster
Movie Title : The Contract
Cast: Hlomla Dandala, Yvonne Okoro, Joseph Benjamin
Director: Shirley Frimpong Manso
Genre: Romance/Comedy

Love is in the air! Hmm.. I can smell it, as Ghana’s sensational actress Yvonne Okoro teams up with South Africa’s Hlomla Dandala and Nigeria’s Joseph Benjamin to birth The Contract. Peter Poplampo (Hlomla Dandala of Jacob’s Cross) is a rich matured bachelor with a penchant for flings, no marital commitments please!. His friend and legal adviser played by Joseph Benjamin ( Mr & Mrs, Married But Living Single) teases him about his die hard stance on the issue and hits the emotional button in him. His desire has been stimulated to have a baby… but he wants to be a single parent… no marriage involved. The woman will get pregnant via insemination…no sex, she gives birth and walks away from his life and that of the baby’s for good.

In comes Abena Boateng (Yvonne Okoro) whom he offers the deal after an encounter at the eatry. Having walked on the path filled with thorns and thistles, she reluctantly agrees to this weird proposal. Peter is unwilling to take chances and gets his lawyer to draw up the terms and conditions in a valid document i.e The Contract. Neither party can operate outside the provisions of the binding contract. Both parties sign it, carry out the stipulated baby making process and Peter eagerly awaits the positive news. He receives it soon enough, but Abena finds herself homeless and after much ado, moves into his house. Rules and regulations are set which she must obey with Peter continuing his escapades with the ladies much to her displeasure. There’s a twisty side to Abena’s pregnancy that comes as a rude shock to Peter… but he’s totally unprepared for the events that follow…

Hlomla Dandala interpreted his role with finesse, his good reactory time evidenced in facial, body language and gesticulations scored on points. It therefore wasn’t surprising that he made the nominations list for Best Actor at AMAA 2013. Yvonne Okoro was outstanding, playing the disposition of a local girl with utmost dexterity, conveying the emotional restlessness with inarguable precision. Shirley indeed proves why she’s tops in the directing game of Ghallywood. Her directing prowess was evident in the holistic marvellous turn out of the movie.

The movie is really hard to fault, however, the ‘chance meeting’ between Abena and Peter was totally uncreative…scenes such as that have been seen one too many times. The delivery of the ‘gifts of life’ surpassed the initial scanned results… how did that happen?. Ah yes.. the scanner was bad and didn’t pick out the others… or they probably popped up miraculously. This of course is the fulcrum on which the story inadvertently rests upon.
Despite its imperfection…the flick is a beautifully crafted story, taking to heart the incorporation of vital filmmaking elements. Its visual opulence, exotic locations, story’s fluidity, thespians display of sound professionalism, subtle suspense, heightening anticipation, good insertions of product placement, makes The Contract a must watch.

Rating : 3
Rating Guide :
5 : Classic
4: Very good
3 : Good
2: Fair
1: An Apology

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