Assassin’s Practice : Daring?

Review by Augusta Okon

Movie Title : Assassin’s Practice
Cast: Justus Esiri, kate Henshaw, Eve Pearson
Director: Mairo Andrew Ukoko
Genre: Thriller/Drama

Assassins themed flicks are not commonly produced in Nollywood in contradistinction to the dominant romantic/drama themes. Very few have threaded the assassin’s themed path, producing movies such as “Dangerous Men”, “Spirit of the assassin; The Talisman”. Could it be that the producers have not found the golden key in unlocking the door that would make it compete favourably with its counterparts?. Andrew Ukoko and Dele Ajakaiye both step up to the plate to produce Assassin’s Practice with subtle Sublimation.

A psychotic female assassin Jacqueline (Eve Pearson) heads to Nigeria to swiftly execute the next target on her hit list, Eviano (Justus Esiri) male, 70’s a failed stock broker investor. He’s made a death wish, opting for this easy way out as a way of ensuring his family gets the dividends of his life insurance policy. His death would on the peripheral be considered to be the resultant effect of a robbery attack in his home. The plan’s easy, all he has to do is to send his wife Sandra (kate Henshaw) and daughter Tracy (Sarah Akokhia) on an impromptu holiday to prevent them from witnessing his death.

The Assassin’s on her way, everything is getting set at this own end…suddenly a young lady Efua (Daphine Akatugba) an abandoned daughter from Sandra’s past shows up at the house demanding her aid. Confusion, emotional turmoil, accusations spring up and the arrival of two robbers played by David Nnaji and Uche Monye further complicates the situation. Jacqueline finally arrives at the target’s house and in the face of the unexpected is determined to carry out the execution…

Although Hollywood has turned out multitudinous productions related to assassins and their way of life, this is indeed a break from the norm from Nollywood’s end, save for the Spirit of the Assassin: The Talisman. The cast especially Justus Esiri (now late) and Eve Pearson were outstanding in their performance, convincingly playing their respective roles. The rapid response of the police was exceptionally commendable… but this ain’t a 911 jurisdiction, we certainly know better. The police officer provides a pint of comedy relief as one watches.

However, the scene where the two robbers entered Eviano’s premises was rather sloppy and uncreative. It also didn’t take much time to know where the story was headed especially if you were fast to decode that the robbers weren’t ‘sent’ based on their responses and facial expressions. Besides I wonder how it’s realistically possible, Amateur robbers or not, to carry out an ‘opportune operation’ without masks, especially in a perceived big man’s house. The usual cold psychotherapy session and game of death played by Jacqueline on her targets, the intrigues, sliceable fear in the air unmasking the reality of such adrenaline pumping moments, makes the movie though imperfect, worthy of visual consumption.

Rating : 3
Rating Guide :
5 : Classic
4: Very good
3 : Good
2: Fair1: An Apology

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