ANA Lagos hosts Akin Bello in October 2014!

Ana Lagos held its meeting on Saturday 11th October, 2014 at the Senior Staff Club, University of Lagos. A minute of silence was observed for the late Austyn Njoku; poet, publisher, former State and National Exco member and member of the Advisory board to the present Executive council of Ana Lagos.

Oyinkansola Oyelabi one of the youngest published poets in Nigeria, read a poem she had written and solicited for a catchy title from the house, to which members gladly responded to. The Chairman, Femi Onileagbon, also read his poem “Last of the strong reins” published in Ebedi International Review (a publication of the Ebedi International Writers Residence Oyo state). The poem was dedicated to the late Austyn Njoku.

Then came what members had been waiting for, the interactive session with Mr Akin Bello, author of “Egbon of Lagos” and Winner of the 2014 Soyinka prize for literature, who was the special guest . Mr Akin Bello was the former Chairman Ana Oyo and has various works to his credit ; Parallax Masks(a collection of poems), Foot prints of the goddess, Isqar – The tale of our life, amongst others. His depth of wisdom and counsel to writers during the explosive session, with certitude, showed he knew his onions. Various International competitions which members were encouraged to partake in, were unveiled.

The meeting came to a close with refreshments being served and of course networking being carried out. The next meeting comes up second Saturday of November 2014

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