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Sequel to the unveiling of the internationally renowned concept of Event Cinema in Nigeria by FilmOne Distribution via the successful screening of Peter Grimes, an extraordinary autobiographic tale of the legendary 16th century goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini will hit all Filmhouse Cinemas from November 28th 2014.
This stunning visual extravaganza was shot in multi-camera HD, and performed by the world class English National Opera. Benvenuto Cellini is poised to create a unique cinematic experience for the viewing audience. Cellini is reputable for creating some of the celebrated works of his time such as the bronze figure of “Perseus holding the Head of Medusa and Ganymede on the Eagle”.

Benvenuto Cellini tells the story of Balducci, the papal exchequer, who is angry about the Pope’s decision to make Benvenuto Cellini create a bronze statue of Perseus instead of Fieramoscad. His daughter Teresa is entranced with Cellini but he wants her to marry Fieramoscad. Before he leaves to answer a late summons to the Pope’s presence, he warns Teresa to be cautious of men’s attention, especially during the present carnival season. Teresa experiences conflicting emotions: duty to her father on the one hand, her love for Cellini on the other. It’s a tale of thwarted love, elopement, intrigue, disguise, mistaken identity, stringent deadlines by the pope with consequences amidst dazzling visual set pieces that makes Benvenuto Cellini a truly remarkable opera.

The International critics have given rave reviews about Benvenuto Cellini. The Daily Mail states “It’s a must see”, the Sunday Express terms it as ‘Extraordinary”, Daily Express hails it as “quite astounding” while the Evening Standard without mincing words states “ stunning and not to be missed”. The stellar cast is led by rising tenor Michael Spyres in the title role, with the stunning soprano Corinne Winters (who performed Violetta in last year’s acclaimed La traviata) as Cellini’s lover, Teresa.

The screening of Benvenuto Cellini has been made possible through the support of the British Council and Altive Media.

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