Never Knew O.C.Ukeje Was A Bush Man – His Gone Too Far

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Forget about the polished look O.C Ukeje frequently flaunts. We’ve been fooled by this act of tooshness for many years… but not anymore. Naija shine your eyes, we saw him unveil this act of bushmanship before our very eyes… and at where?… Hmm… it was in Gone Too Far; a hilarious British Nigerian comedy… got ya!
Gone Too Far, the award winning movie, is a film adaptation of Bola Agbaje’s Oliver Award winning play, produced by Poisson Rouge Pictures and co-funded by the British Film Institute. The movie stars O.C Ukeje, Adelayo Adedayo, Malachi Kirby, Bhasker Patel, Pooja Shah, Tosin Cole and was directed by fast rising female British/Nigerian Director in the UK, Destiny Ekaragha.

O.C plays the comical role of Ikudaisi, a typical bush African in the midst of toosh folks in the UK, who travels from Nigeria wearing socks and sandals to meet his enstranged brother, Yemi, for the first time in Peckham. Yemi (raised in the UK) questions both his judgment and his African heritage. A day on the estate filled with danger, excitement, and romance, teaches them the values of family, self-respect and oh…there’s a babe Yemi fancies… but he’s toasting skills are nothing to hype, even their mother encourages Ikudaisi to teach him the art of wooing a babe.

Scenes from the trailer where Ikudaisi says:
“sexy ladies…(there’s a rebuff from the babe)…my name is Ikudaisi but you can call me dicey baby” and a restaurant scene where he’s displaying the bush attitude, making Yemi uncomfortable “ when I’m brushing my teeth i am a Nigerian… when I’m eating my chicken.. I am a Nigerian”…. makes you laugh.

You wouldn’t want to miss the excitement…. Gone Too Far, is distributed by FilmOne (distributor of Half of A Yellow Sun, October 1, When love happens, Head Gone)… and hits cinemas across Nigeria from January 16th 2015.

Watch Gone Too far trailer… you’ll like it…. Guaranteed!

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