Based on the miniature releases of adapted works amongst Nigerian filmmakers, probably for lack of insight into the “bigger picture” where endless opportunities of creating box office hits abound via “adapted works”, 9aijabooksandmovies (“9B&N”) provides the needed platform for the swift execution of this proven “multi-million” dollar method.

By unveiling various works of authors and filmmakers, we believe that the ‘symbiotic’ principle will be judiciously applied between both parties and lead to amazing box office returns and invariably contribute immensely to the revival of the reading culture amongst Nigerians. It is our firm belief that with time, foreign filmmakers will develop a keen interest for works of Nigerian authors and adapt same for the Big screens.

9B&N is committed to doing the following :
1) Publishing articles, views, opinions by authors/filmmakers, producers, stakeholders,and members of the public, with interest in either spheres
2) Grant interviews to rookies and professionals in both industries
3) Show coming soon(movies/books), and latest releases from both stables
4) Publish extracts of authors works, with their consent(in the case of being self publishers) or that of the publishers
5) Give fresh buzz about both industries (local and foreign)
6) Reviews
7) Display Featured books, movies, authors
8) Conduct polls from time to time
9) Cover events (movie premieres, book launch,seminars, workshops) and unveil same to the public

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